Best Gaming Headsets under 100 USD – Top 10 Reviews


Getting the best gaming headsets will give you the best experience while you play. The sound it delivers can heighten your excitement by adding another dimension to level up your game. You feel as if what you are hearing is real.

Every gamer would agree. Playing would not be the same unless you are wearing a gaming headset. However, finding the best is tricky. A cheap headset might not last you through one game. An expensive headset would be too much to pay for. Is it possible to find the best headset under 100? Rest assured, you can.

Here are the top 10 gaming headsets under $ 100 you can buy online right now.

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets 

The selection presents our top picks. We researched for you. Each is reasonably priced under $ 100. Keeping in mind the wishes of any gamer, we guarantee each choice has your best interest at heart. We are confident you will find what you want here.

Model Name Platform Wireless or Wired Microphone Warranty
HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch Wired Condenser microphone 2 years plus free technical support
Linkwitz F5A Bluetooth Headphones Multi-device adaptation: Apple and Android devices, Tablet, TV, Xbox, and more Wireless but allows wired when the battery is dead. Built-in MIC For 12 months following the date of purchase
CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset PC with USB port (Windows 10, 8, 7)


Wireless Noise-canceling microphone 2-year warranty on all CORSAIR headset products
Sennheiser GSP 300 – Closed Back Gaming Headset PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One Wired Noise-canceling microphone lit boom arm to mute 2-year international warranty
Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone PC, PC VR, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and tablets Wired Detachable microphone boom with micro pop filter Not specified
HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset PC, PS4 & Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (HX-HSCA-RD / AM) Detachable braided cable Detachable noise-cancellation microphone 2-year warranty
Razer Kraken Pro – Noise Isolating Analog Black Gaming Headset PC, PS4, and Xbox One Wired Retractable Mic 1-year warranty
Sennheiser PC 360 Special Edition Gaming Headset PC, Mac, PS4 & consoles with 3.5 mm jack input Wired – 3-meter cable length Noise-canceling microphone 2-year warranty
Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition HD 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset PC, PlayStation 4, Apple devices like iPhone and iPad, Gaming consoles like Xbox One2 Wired Detachable noise-reduction microphone 1-year warranty
SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone PC, Xbox One, Android, VR, iOS, and PlayStation 4 Detachable cable


1. HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset – Offers Great Comfort for Hours of Gaming

Topping the list of best gaming headphones under 100 is the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. As mentioned, comfort is its key feature.

Ear Cups – Its ear cups are made of memory foam encased in leatherette. Plus, it has an extra set of velour earpads for a luxurious feel. Best of all, its over-the-ear design isolates the noise to let you play in peace ..

Compatibility – It is compatible with a variety of platforms. You can use it with your PC or notebook, tablet, mobile phone, or PS4 console. An airplane adapter even makes it handy to bring along with you when traveling.


  • The headset is fully padded for comfort. You won’t feel like it’s crushing your skull in even after how many hours of playing.
  • The package includes an adapter for PS4 compatibility that already combines audio and mic aux in one.
  • Its 53MM Drivers deliver better sound quality than others. You might even get a delightful surprise hearing sounds you never did before you used it.


  • The durability of the microphone is questionable. Best to detach if you don’t plan on using it.
  • The headband adjustment can loosen. As a result, it tends to slide back to a smaller size.
  • The leather earpads can be hot on the head if you are no accustomed to the material.

Any discomfort you feel while playing can distract you from your game. You can avoid this by getting the best gaming headset on the market today, the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. Its comfortable, over-the-ear noise isolation design plus exceptional audio quality guarantees you hours of gaming fun.


2. Linkwitz F5A Bluetooth Headphones – Easy Listening Pleasure While You Play and Work

It is one of the best wireless gaming headset under 100. You can take it along with you wherever you go. Just remember to charge it.

ANC Mode – The best selling feature of this wireless gaming headset. No need to put up the volume just to hear what you are listening to. It cancels out up to 87% of background noise.

Battery Life – Offers 14 to 18 hours of nonstop listening with its long-life polymer battery. Standby time is 240.

Bluetooth –  It is compatible with all kinds of devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Acoustic Quality – 40mm large-aperture drivers deliver pure bass boost and a vibrant mid-range.


  • Active noise-canceling technology works in both wired and wireless mode
  • Ergonomic design with 90 degree swiveling memory protein ear pads
  • 40mm drivers deliver superior acoustic quality


  • Do not cancel out all noise. At best, it reduces it by half of what the brand suggests.
  • It is tricky to turn on and off.

If you’re looking for a gaming headset you can take with you on the go; then the Linkwitz Bluetooth headphones are for you. It’s also a great choice for play or work.


3. CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset – Surround Sound Quality in a Wireless

The trademark durability of the CORSAIR brand assures you it can stand up to serious gaming time. The second wireless gaming headset on the list delivers exceptional performance in terms of comfort and audio quality.

Audio Quality – Feel like you are at the center of your game’s action from the surround sound quality delivered by its 50mm neodymium speaker drivers.

Battery Life – Delivers 16 hours of battery life.

Wireless Performance –  Offers an improved range of up to 40 ft. Its antenna design is upgraded to provide better coverage in any challenging gaming situation.

CORSAIR Utility Engine Software – CUE, for short, gives you greater control over the various features of this wireless gaming headset.


  • Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound levels of your gaming experience
  • Superior 2.4 GHz wireless technology extends up to 40ft.
  • Trademark CORSAIR durability
  • Features a new noise-canceling microphone


  • Lighting effects can limit the battery life of this headset. You need to open CUE to find out the battery level.
  • It doesn’t offer the option of a wired mode. Charging also requires a USB cable, so it is necessary to keep your computer on while doing so.
  • The construction could be an issue as it seems to have more plastic than metal parts.]

The CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset promises to elevate your gaming experience with its surround sound quality. It will make you feel like You are in the middle of the action. The wireless feature is another plus you can look forward to.


4. Sennheiser GSP 300 – Closed Back Gaming Headset – Top Brand at an Affordable Price

Among all of the best headsets under 100 in this list, the Sennheiser GSP 300 is the only one with a closed headphone design. You will experience the brand’s trademark sound quality.

Comfort – The split headband design allows you to enjoy your gaming sessions without pain. So you can focus your attention on playing your best game. The XL ear cups are padded with memory foam for comfort and better noise isolation.

Microphone – Its noise-canceling microphone makes it easy to communicate with other players. Just lift the boom arm to mute for convenience.


  • High-quality audio backed by a well-known brand name
  • Closed headphone design for good noise isolation
  • Split headband design for comfort


  • Closed headphone design can lead to overheated ears after hours of playing.
  • Issues with cable length and non-braided
  • Plastic material can make crazy noise when you put on and take off the headphones

Sennheiser GSP 300 – Closed Back Gaming Headset offers the quality of one of the market’s trusted names today at an affordable price. However, its plastic material can be a turnoff.


5. Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone – Good for Gaming and More

Its royal blue color makes the Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset stand out from others on the list of best gaming headsets under 100. But this product has more to offer you beyond its good looks.

Comfort – Play for extended periods with ease because of Logitech’s sports-mesh ear pads. The breathable material eliminates the problem of overheating around the ears. It is also extra soft and will not chafe. Plus, it provides the perfect fit that will not add discomforting pressure to the side of your head.

DTS Headphone X – You become absorbed in your game as every sound comes to life through your headset because of its DTS feature.

Dual Personality –  Transforms from a gaming headset into an on-the-go device for your mobile device. All you need to do is detach the mic and cables.

Crystal clear audio quality –  Exceptional sound quality care of its Pro-G advanced audio drivers, and it will not matter if your sound source is analog or digital.

Microphone – The micro-pop filter on the boom microphone offers high-quality voice chat.


  • Style and comfort with lightweight material and stain-resistant fabric in one package. Looks good but performs even better.
  • Lifelike sound experience care of Logitech’s partnership with DTS for exceptional X 7.1 surround sound.


  • Not so impressive noise-canceling Everyone around you will hear whatever you are listening to underneath the ear pads.
  • A bit of work is required to fine-tune the equalizer settings. Otherwise, the sound output might not be as impressive.
  • The length of the cable is excessive compared to other gaming headsets.

If you’re looking for an all-around device, choose the Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone. It’s not just for gaming; you will enjoy listening to your favorite music with it as well. But it’s wired, so you can only use it in one place.


6. HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset – Worthy Purchase for Any Respectable Gamer

The HyperX Cloud Alpha lives up to its name as a pro gaming headset. It can take on all the action that comes with daily gaming. Plus, its sound quality won’t break down under pressure as you play.

Minimal Audio Distortion – The pro gaming headset features separate bass frequencies from its mids and highs. So you get smooth in-game audio.

Comfort – The HyperX signature red memory foam is a given. To complement its comfort is a pliant leatherette cover.

Durable – Sturdy aluminum frame to withstand hours of gaming fun.

Portable – Cable is detachable to make it easy to store when not in use. A detachable microphone lets you transform it into a music-only headset.

Certified – The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset stands out as one of the best gaming headset under $ 100 certified by TeamSpeak and Discord. It works well with most VOIP programs like Skype, Mumble, and Ventrilo. You can be sure your chats will come across clear.


  • Reduced distortion for the better sound quality of the highs, mids, and lows.
  • It stays comfortable even after hours of gameplay – the leatherette feels like fabric and sweat won’t build upon
  • Easy to use, plug and play
  • Strong aluminum frame


  • Mute function on the mic can be awkward to deal with
  • Mic volume can peak if you make the mistake of not splitting the 3.5 mm jack for the dedicated ports for the headphones and the mic on the PC

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset can take on gaming pressure even at a professional level. However, issues with the mic can make it cumbersome to use.


7. Razer Kraken Pro (Noise Isolating Analog Black Gaming Headset with Retractable Mic) – The Only Headset You Will Need for Gaming and Listening to Music on Your Mobile Device

There’s no need to get two types of headsets when you have the Razer Kraken Pro. Its noise-isolating capability lets you immerse yourself in your game. At the same time, it allows you to relish every note of your music.

Drivers – Features sizeable 40mm neodymium magnetic drivers to produce an intense, powerful bass along with the vibrant high and mid-range sound.

Microphone – Feel free to adjust the retractable mic’s position when you need it to make a call or give out commands when strategizing with teammates in a game.

Comfort – The plush material makes it comfortable to wear for a whole night of gaming. The weight is optimized so that it won’t weigh you down in the long run.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good working mic
  • Comfortable and material offer a premium feel.


  • The retractable mic can get in the way when you don’t need it. Better if it is detachable.
  • The fit might be too tight for anyone wearing eyeglasses. In some cases, it might press on the ears.
  • Wire and connection points

The Razer Kraken Pro saves you the trouble of getting two separate headsets for gaming and music. It offers good sound quality plus its noise-isolating feature lets you immerse yourself for the ultimate auditory experience. But take care when pulling the wire to avoid connection problems.


8. Sennheiser PC 360 Special Edition Gaming Headset – Comfort, Quality, and Clarity in One Package

The sound quality it produces guarantees your satisfaction and can give you a competitive edge when you play. The Sennheiser PC 360 gaming headset promises something special for gaming aficionados.

Comfort – This item features an open-back design. Your ears won’t overheat when the pressure from the game builds up. Its ear cups are cushioned and covered in Velor for greater wearing comfort. The padding on the headband makes it cozy even after playing for hours. The product weighs only 13.6 ounces.

Quality – The trademark quality of the Sennheiser transducer technology shines through the dynamic sound it produces. You won’t miss any detail of your game while you play.

Microphone – Conversations between you and your teammates will be crystal clear about the product’s professional-grade noise-canceling microphone. So, you can be sure your strategies are heard loud and clear. Moreover, they are carried out to the letter.

Controls – Managing the volume is easy with the control knob sintered on the right ear cup. Also, you only need to lift the boom arm of the microphone to mute it.

Compatible – The 3.5 mm jack input makes it easy to use on a PC, Mac, PS4, or other game consoles.


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Very comfortable for hours of game playing
  • Sturdy built
  • Professional-looking design


  • Bigger-sized microphone compared to other gaming headsets.
  • The microphone might break if mishandled due to rigid plastic construction.
  • Price is an issue as it costs a little more than $ 100.
  • The surround sound features can be difficult to configure for some who aren’t technically proficient.
  • The headset is heavier compared to other products in this category.

As its name suggests, the Sennheiser PC 360 Special Edition Gaming Headset will give you an extraordinary experience while you play. But it is pricier compared to others in this list of the best pc headset under 100.


9. Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition HD 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset – Brings to Life the Action of Your Game

Take your gaming experience to the next level with the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Gaming Headset. It gives gamers who take part in tournaments an advantage. You don’t need to download and install software onsite for the headset to work.

Audio performance – Features analog mode and digital USB mode for a unique experience that engages all of your senses while you play or listen to music with it. The 50 mm full spectrum drivers make it one of the loudest among other products in its category.

Comfort – The design is ergonomic, so you won’t feel tired even after wearing it for a whole day of gaming. The exterior materials feature a plush leatherette encasing the memory foam padded ear cups. Its durable headband combines reinforced steel and aluminum. fit is snug, but it won’t crush you in.

Design – Its distinct tilt driver design minimizes echoing in the ear cups. The sound comes out clear and crisp.

Control – The inline remote has everything you need within easy reach. You can control everything with one touch, like the volume, answer voice calls, and the music.

Microphone – Feel free to detach the noise eliminating microphone if you want to use this headset for listening to music. Its noise cancellation feature makes it ideal to use in big, loud gaming tournaments.

X-Plus Mode – The gaming headset is compatible with the Sound BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro. It is a suite of audio processing technologies. You can accentuate game cues using the X-Plus mode while in competition. It allows you to change a sound signature. to match a specific eSport game title’s audio profile.


  • It offers a variety of features which makes it a steal for the price.
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of gaming time
  • The microphone quality is good, plus it’s detachable.
  • Inline controls provide added convenience for easy management while you play.
  • Sturdy construction of headband and ear cups
  • Best pc gaming headset under 100with X-Plus Mode


  • The length of the cord could be an issue with some.
  • You need to buy the analog splitter separately – it’s not included in the box
  • Sound quality might be nothing exceptional for music enthusiasts.

The Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Headset comes with the X-Plus mode. It’s designed to give you a competitive edge in gaming tournaments. What more could you ask for in a gaming headset.


10. SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone – Award-winning Gaming Headset

It is the only item in the list of the best PC gaming headsets under 100 that has won several accolades for its exceptional quality.

Comfort – Ear cushions feature a fabric Airweave for comfort. Your ears get to stay dry and feel fresh while you play, even after how many hours. Unique to this headset is its Ski Goggle Suspension Band that contours to your head while you wear it. So, it eliminates potential pressure points and heaviness.

Microphone – Get studio-quality voice from the ClearCast microphone that also cancels out background noise.

S1 Speaker Drivers – The soundscape produced by this headset is detailed and well balanced due to its S1 Audio driver.

USB ChatMix Dial – Makes it easier to adjust the volume for chatting and gaming as you play.

Audio Controls – Located on the ear cups for easy access anytime you need to adjust the volume or mute the microphone.

Personalize – Use the SteelSeries Engine software to customize the headset to your specific sound settings.


  • Comfortable and well-made
  • Music comes out clear.
  • Mic quality is also clear.
  • Wireless range is exceptional when you detach the cable.
  • Easy to setup


  • Requires a USB if you plan to use it with a PS4
  • Lacks surround sound feature for use with consoles.
  • Susceptible mic
  • Not so good bass sound

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone delivers quality audio and comfort. You can even customize its settings to your specific needs. No doubt you’ll enjoy using it for gaming or for listening to music at your leisure.


Wrapping It Up

Apart from winning, it is the experience of playing that makes every game worthwhile. The difference lies in choosing the best gaming headset that would take your game to the next level. Moreover, give you the excitement to play on.

Choosing the best isn’t as easy as it seems. If you buy just for having it, you will end up frustrated with your purchase. You can avoid disappointment by reading each of our 10 reviews. We are confident our list for the best gaming headsets will help you to make the right choice.

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