How a Hidden Spy Camera with Audio Can Help Improve Your Life?

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Personal and home security is always important, however, as technology evolves, companies come up with new and improved ways to keep an eye on your loved ones and on your valuable possessions.

While complex security systems are always available for those who want to ensure that nothing moves around the yard without them knowing, a more delicate touch is needed in some cases. This is where hidden cameras come in. These discrete devices can help homeowners learn everything that happens in their home while they are away, without attracting any attention.

Who can benefit from using hidden cameras with audio?

Products in this class offer something that almost no regular security cameras can do: they can be virtually impossible to detect. If you are interested in learning exactly what your house sitter, maid, nanny, or child is doing while you are away, then a hidden camera that can also record audio may be the way to go.

Alternatively, hidden cameras can also be used in office spaces and restricted areas where employees should follow strict rules. Many of these cameras come with features that make them extremely flexible in terms of use, such as magnetic suction, bike brackets, and remote Wi-Fi. This makes them perfect for cases in which individuals, buildings, or objects need to be constantly monitored. 

There are countless reports of individuals who got robbed by their maid or house sitter and only managed to catch the one responsible with the help of hidden security cameras. These can take the shape of any household object, from chargers to tablet and smartphone stands.

What makes them better than a regular surveillance system?

Generally speaking, hidden security cameras with audio recording are vastly different from regular surveillance systems, in terms of both form-factor, as well as use. While traditional surveillance cameras are designed to be obvious in order to deter individuals from breaking the rules or trespassing, the hidden models are built to blend in with the environment and record people without them knowing.

Here are some of the main advantages of using hidden cameras over traditional ones:

  • Smaller and lighter – They are considerably less bulky than traditional models, enabling owners to place them virtually anywhere. This makes them perfect for smaller rooms, but also helps hide them in the environment;
  • Motion detection – The cameras can be set to only record when they detect motion, helping reduce the amount of storage space needed;
  • Affordable remote surveillance – Security systems that enable the owner to connect to them over the internet can be expensive, however, most hidden cameras support Wi-Fi connection so that users can look at the feed using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops;

Things to keep in mind when buying a spy camera with audio

  • Appearance – While it is true that most hidden cameras are small enough to hide among other objects, some situations may require a more practical approach. Establish where you want to install the camera and get a product that will fit in with the existing décor;
  • Function – Think exactly what you need it for. For example, if you need a camera to keep an eye on your children while you’re away from home, you can get one that is a bit bulkier as you won’t have to hide it. On the other hand, if you have security issues in mind, a smaller, more discreet model will be more useful;
  • Features – Think about what features matter to you. A wireless spy camera with audio may be worth the extra cost only as long as you need to react quickly. Also, if you only intend to use it during the day, then you can choose a camera with no IR capabilities;
  • Storage – Keep in mind that most cameras do not have built-in storage, and do not come with micro SD cards. This will add to the cost of the camera, in order to use it.

Whether you’re looking for hidden cameras with audio for home use, or you need to keep an eye on your office, here are some of the best products in this class:

1. LivenDrePro 1080p HD Spy Camera with Wi-Fi – A feature-filled hidden camera that can be mounted anywhere

A camera specifically designed for surveillance, the LivenDrePro 1080p HD Spy Camera model boasts a large number of features that give it a considerable edge over the competition. The product comes with night vision, motion detection, and 1080p HD recording, making it perfect for any scenario.


  • 1080p HD Lens + 170-degree wide angle view – The camera can capture a large amount of detail and the vide angle view enables owners to place it in the corner of a room and see everything happening in it;
  • IR Night Vision – The camera features 10 IR LEDs that help it see in the dark up to a distance of 10 feet, the same it would during the daytime. Furthermore, the IR LEDs emit a type of light that is invisible to the human eye, so they will not reveal the position of the camera;
  • Motion detection system – Once it detects movement, the camera takes 3 photos and sends them to the owner’s phone, giving him the change to connect to it and view the live stream;
  • Small and easy to attach – The camera is the size of one’s thumb and can be attached to clothes and various objects using a clip;
  • Long-lasting battery – The 700mAh battery is enough for 3 hours of continuous recording on a full charge, however, the overall functioning time of the camera is extended by the standby feature and motion detection system;


  • Well-designed smartphone app – The app that comes with the camera can support 4 simultaneous streams, so users can keep an eye on the entire house at the same time;
  • Discrete – The small size helps it blend in with any décor;
  • Dependable – the 700mAh battery is more than enough for a full day of monitoring, and it charges in 2.5 hours;


  • Shape – The product’s shape is obviously indicative of a camera, so a bit of work is needed in order to hide it;

2. Enter the Arena Mini Spy Camera – A small, durable hidden camera that comes with a lifetime guarantee

Surveillance cameras, both traditional and hidden, require a large degree of durability in order to monitor someone or something non-stop. Enter the Arena has come up with a small, hidden camera that can potentially last for a lifetime if it is maintained properly.


  • 1080p HD Recording – The camera can record highly detailed videos, making it perfect for larger spaces;
  • Motion detection – In order to save up on storage space, the camera only starts recording when it detects movement. This also reduces the number of files written on the micro SD card, making the process of finding relevant videos easier;
  • Magnetic body – The model comes with a body that can be easily attached to any kind of surface. The camera attaches to the body using magnets;
  • 7 IR LEDs – There are 7 IR LEDs attached to the front of the camera that allow it to record video in the dark. The LEDs do not generate light that could be seen with the naked eye;
  • Lifetime Guarantee – The model comes with a lifetime guarantee;


  • Hard to spot – The shape and color of the camera makes it difficult to spot if not mounted on the magnetic body;
  • Magnetic body – Attaching the camera to the body is as easy as placing it on its surface, making it easy to move the camera around from one room to another;
  • Loop recording – While the camera only supports microSD cards of up to 32GB, the loop recording overwrites older files, so the card never actually gets filled;


  • No live stream – the videos can only be seen by connecting the camera to a computer. There is no way to look at the live recording over the internet, using a smartphone or tablet;

3. Portocam Mini Wireless Home Security Camera – A very small camera that measures less than 1 inch

By default, smaller cameras are more difficult to spot, and there is no commercially available camera that is smaller than the Portocam Mini.  The model comes with many advanced features such as motion detection, night vision, a magnetic mounting system, and audio recording capabilities. 


  • Reduced size – With its sides measuring 0.95 inches, this is the smallest security camera on the market;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and app – Owners can connect to the camera using a smartphone app that enables them to access the device’s live stream;
  • Motion detection – The camera can be set to only record when it detects movement, and also to notify the owner through pictures that can either be emailed or sent as messages;
  • 960p night vision – The camera can record videos in complete darkness, up to a distance of 15 feet.


  • Extremely small – The size of the camera makes it extremely easy to hide;
  • 128GB storage – microSD cards of up to 128GB can be used with the model;


  • Firmware update required – The audio recording function is disabled by default and enabling it requires the owner to send an email to the manufacturer in order to get a firmware update;

Wrap Up

A hidden spy camera with audio function is always useful in a home, vehicle, and even in a travel bag. These products can save you a world of trouble if you are afraid that someone who has access to your home may steal from you, or if you’re worried that the maid at your hotel may be going through your bags.

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