The Advantages Of Choosing Dual Fuel vs Gas Range


Natural gas has been the fuel of gas stoves since they first appeared on the market. This type of gas generates a lot of heat and is odorless, making it ideal for cooking food. However, more and more manufacturers have started offering potential buyers the option to purchase a gas range that can work on both natural gas, as well as on LPG.

This new direction in terms of product design is due to the fact that natural gas, as a non-renewable resource, is getting more and more expensive as the global supply is slowly depleted. However, this is not the only improvement that kitchen ranges are receiving. Manufacturers have also started to create dual fuel ranges.

What is a dual fuel range?

Dual fuel ranges are basically gas ranges that use electricity in order to power the oven. Electric ovens are usually more efficient than normal gas ones and can also heat up more quickly.

The fact that they only use gas for the stove segment means that the overall gas consumption will be lower which can help keep utility costs down, on top of having an oven that can cook food in a fraction of the time that a natural gas oven would need to do the same job.

It is important to note that some dual fuel ranges that have higher power requirements may require to be connected to the electrical system through a separate circuit, however, this varies with manufacturer and model.

Dual fuel vs all gas range – Which is better?

There isn’t a clear winner when it comes to dual fuel vs all gas range. Some may prefer a kitchen range that uses only natural gas, due to the fact that it doesn’t need to be placed near an outlet and also because all of its elements will work even if there is a power shortage.

However, an electric oven does come with a few advantages. For example, most dual fuel ranges that come with electric ovens have various features that allow the owner to cook food faster and with greater efficiency, such as a convection fan, accurate temperature controls, and timers, etc.

Both are useful in their own right and can are reliable if properly maintained. It is all a matter of scenario and preference. Those who do not use the oven of a range on a regular basis may not see the use of getting a dual fuel model, however, when it comes to baking models with an electric oven are the better choice.

Final Words

It is a matter of choice. All gas ranges are usually better to be placed outside due to the fact that they do not need any electricity, so rain or humidity would not cause them to short. They are also more durable as there are fewer elements that could break down. The stove and oven burners are usually very durable.

On the other hand, dual fuel ranges may be a better choice for anyone looking to furnish their kitchen. These can help reduce gas consumption and their ovens allow for faster and more efficient cooking of food. They have more accurate temperature controls and can heat up faster than gas ones.

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